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The day Elaine finds out she is pregnant, her boyfriend Freddie breaks up with her and mysteriously disappears. She finds herself alone, facing the decision of a lifetime.

Should she keep the baby and raise it all by herself? Or terminate the pregnancy and move on with her life‚Äďall the while wondering what happened to Freddie?






Abhishek Balhara was taken to his first theatrical feature at age 4, an experience he vividly remembers to this very day and left a lasting impression, so, he soon started visualizing screen scenes into short stories at age 5, and started writing creatively at age 7 and continued to do so as a hobby throughout his life, and has since written several short stories, poems, 2 stage plays and 2 screenplays.

Abhishek Balhara worked as an Accountant for most of his professional life until November, 2014. He then finally decided to change his profession to become a creative storyteller, therein turning his lifelong hobby into a career. He proceeded to move to New York City in the fall of 2014 to utilize some of the unique resources/research materials provided by the Lincoln Arts center.

Abhishek Balhara finally moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2015, where he has since produced, written and directed 2 movie promos, completed the initial script to “Unplanned”, that led to the screenplay “Unplanned” to develop the Unplanned Movie Project. Most recently, he has also completed a Sci-Fi Screenplay.